Every year we substantially invest in the latest printing equipments and technology to ensure that we remain on the cutting edge of the printing industry.

Regal Printing pioneered the development of CTP technology in Hong Kong. We initially established our CTP system in 1999. Although at this time our competitors ridiculed us for investing in the CTP system just for making plates, we strove to learn how to better manage and optimize the system.

Today, we possess the most advanced CTP system in Hong Kong ??the Kodak Quantum 800, with a powerful laser head that can render stochastic screen plates at as small as 20 microns, ideal for fine photography printing.

In 2005, we adopted the GMG color management system which uses the unique high-end 4-D color matching engine, utilizing color-accurate CYMK to CYMK DeviceLink matching to achieve the optimal accuracy in color proofing that can match press printing with no difficulty. We are among the first printers in Asia to calibrate our press according to the industry ISO12647-2 standard, the international lithographic standard embraced by quality print buyers, publishers, prepress houses and printers. In 2010 Regal Printing was officially certified as a G-7 Master Printer.

The color matching between our proofs and the required ISO colorimetric data is on average under one delta E within an ECI2002 test chart. Also, we perform weekly calibrations to stabilize the inkjet printer using a spectrophotometer to an average delta E of under 0.8, ensuring the color stability of the whole proofing system.

For clients who seek to optimize their color separation or generate digital proofs by themselves, we can supply the official ISO ICC profiles released by ECI/Fogra for loading into their color management system to match our color standard.

The benefits of using the highest industry printing standard to print buyers are
a) Lower cost;
b) Better matching between actual press printing and digital proofs; and
c) Unique color consistency if both parties use the same ISO standard.
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