Green Printing
We are aware of the importance of environmental sustainability and the benefits of a greener and cleaner world. Regal Printing is committed to achieving environmental and social sustainability in its plant.

We at Regal Printing strive to optimize our available resources and minimize the impact of our waste and emissions on the environment through our green printing policies. Among our environmentally friendly practices,

- We have been using soy ink since 2000;
- We have been using environmentally friendly solvents and chemicals as much as possible;
- We have sealed all pumps and motors in our most advanced machines to collect the exhaust for heat exchange and thus to save energy;
- We acquired an FSCTM certificate in 2008; and provide a wide range of eco-friendly materials like FSCTM-certified paper, recycled paper with different grades of PCW from 20% to 100%, and recycled grey boards;
- We collect our used paper, zinc plates, plastic materials and even rubber blankets for recycling;
- We treat our chemical wastes properly before disposal;
- We comply with all relevant legislations and regulations and strive to follow the best international practices in environmental management.