"We love our professional relationship with Regal. We were initially concerned about working with a printer so far away but it has been an absolute pleasure. The process has been completely seamless in addition to very cost effective. The customer service is prompt and our books are consistently printed in the highest quality. Regal truly makes us feel like we are their only customer. We highly recommend Regal to anyone looking for a printer."

Dr. Louis Ignarro (1998 Nobel Laureate in Medicine)

"It has been my pleasure to work with Regal Printing in Hong Kong for the past 8 years. It is perhaps only because of Regal Printing that my company, Wee Gallery, is in business at all. When our products were only an idea, we contacted Regal Printing for a quote. While trying to get a quote locally proved difficult and time consuming, Regal Printing provided a complete quote by early the next morning with very good terms that enabled us to do a first trial product run. That first run proved a success and Wee Gallery was born. We began our business with great optimism for how easy it was to manufacture new products due to our experience with Regal Printing. Our illusions were soon dashed as we tried to produce various products with factories in China and the US. We very rarely find manufacturers who are as conscientious and thorough as Regal Printing. Whether it's responding to inquiries for new orders, dealing with changes in the manufacturing process due to changing testing protocols, or meeting agreed upon timelines, Regal Printing has always been stellar in its attention to customer satisfaction. When a large customer approached us with a requirement that was an order of magnitude greater than any we had produced before, we did not hesitate to accept it as we knew that Regal Printing would handle the job without incident. We trust them that much. I would highly recommend Regal Printing to any company seeking quality printing, with excellent service at a reasonable price."

David Pinto - Wee Gallery Inc., USA

"I just like to drop y’all a little note to express our gratitude in how your company has treated our company for the last five years. Our entire experience with Regal Printing Limited has been very pleasant. We now realize that when printing a book, many things have to be considered. The people at Regal Printing have always anticipated our needs and helped make the creation of our high-quality books much more smooth than we could ever have hoped. The process - from getting quotes, to submitting the files, to receiving proofs, to the preview copies and all the way to the delivery of the bulk shipment is handled with the utmost of professionalism. Being able to deal with one person for all these steps is a real pleasure. And he is always so good about returning emails or phone calls. I always feel like he is just a short distance away. I never imagined doing business with a company in Hong Kong would be so easy.
In our history with Regal Printing Limited, we have produced 10 titles and many copies of each. With each title, our company and our clients have been extremely satisfied with the print quality, delivery times and customer service. I can unreservedly recommend Regal Printing Limited to anyone."

Daniel Ray Norris - SlapDash Publishing, LLC, USA

"Regal Printing has become an extension of our office in many respects. The staff always goes the extra mile to ensure we meet our deadlines, which is imperative in meeting the needs of our industry. I always know that our print projects will be the best quality and delivered promptly. We are fortunate to have Regal Printing working with us."

Vincent Kannath - Gem Advertising & Publications W.L.L., Dubai

"It has been a pleasure working with Regal Printing for the past 10 years. We have been impressed with their quality, attention to detail and customer service again and again. Their printing abilities are first-rate and affordable. Moreover, their communication is excellent and their process from color proofs to the finished product is outstanding. Our publication has been consistently delivered from Hong Kong to the United States on time and in perfect condition. We are extremely thankful for Regal Printing for making our magazine successful!"

Nicole Thomas - LatterDayBride, USA

"Working with Regal Printing is the easy part of publishing an illustrated color children’s book. The quality of the paper, binding and color is outstanding! My clients know they are getting great quality in the series of books. I especially owe a lot to your staff, working with him makes me feel like I’m there in Hong Kong and I know my books will be printed to my specifications."

Joan Klatil Creamer – Silver Snowflake Publishing, USA

"We are very pleased with the work the Regal Printing has done for us. I am also very grateful for the work that your staff has done to make this process go smoothly. She has put up with my many changes and delays over the past few months and I appreciate it. I am very impressed that she took two complicated products, one of which had 14 different components and got it right the first time.
It's not often that one finds a partner that can perform on PRICE, SERVICE and QUALITY. Usually, one has to sacrifice on at least one parameter. You exceeded expectations on all three."

Jim Ristuccia, Say It Right, USA

"Timely, courteous and professional is the service we received from Regal Printing and a truly excellent standard of product.

Janet Parsons – Potoroo Publishing, Australia

"I got the first shipments of the book and I can't express how happy I am! It is perfect! Thank you for all of you hard work!"

Katherine Jensen, USA

"The advances are truly wonderful. The book is gorgeous. The Museum is VERY VERY happy--as is their bookstore. Really a triumph in printing, and we shall certainly enter this book for awards. Please congratulate everyone involved in this project. Thank you for your excellent work and good attention."

Christine, Wilsted & Taylor Publishing Services, USA

"If you are a US based organization looking to produce high quality publications in Asia, it is hard to find a better partner than Regal Printing. Excellent pricing - superior quality - professional attitude - high end equipment - on time delivery - all with first rate communications and follow up."

Michael Nahabet - Yearbook, Inc., USA

"i just wanted to extend my appreciation for the work Regal has done for Mindsport Ltd. Your staff has been superb, and has gone the extra mile to ensure Mindsport is left with a fantastic product. I look forward to continuing my professional relationship with Regal. We aim to place larger orders towards the end of the year, and Regal without a doubt will be our first port of call."

Sam Kotadia - Mindsport Ltd, USA

"Thanks for your reliable service once again."

David Sharp – Power of 2 Publishing Ltd, UK

"All sixes (highest ranking), except for complaint handling, which I don’t know about because I have never had a complaint."

Kevin Norman – Norman & Globus Inc, USA

"i just wanted to write to say a huge thank you. i just saw the books last night and i must say i was incredibly impressed, and very pleased with how they turned out. it´s simple beautifully bound!!
the museum also had an opening last night to much success, and the book received a lot of praise -- we really owe a lot to you guys, and we cannot thank you enough for your hard work and patience with us over the many changes and edits."

asad pervaiz, USA

"Excellent response time with orders and shipments. Fair prices. Thank you."

Linda Krauss – Victory Belt Publishing, USA

"Not just a printer, a business partner."

Tom Palmer – Alcove Books,USA

"I am absolutely ecstatic at the quality of the end product. The team at Regal Printing are second to none and I would recommend them to anyone who desires their output to be of superior quality."

Phil Jones – Positive Workforce Solutions Pty ltd, Australia

"Everything was great again this time."

Stephen Schembari – Barreveld Intl Inc, USA

"You did a wonderful job! NO complaints here."

Dana Lehman – Lehman Publishing, USA

"Your Staff was awesome, without his support this book would not have been completed. His help was invaluable. Overall Excellent Service and Support, would come back again!"

Fergus Wong - Nuevo Capital, USA

"Regal always did a great job for us."

Michele Gray - W Marketing, USA

"I always enjoyed working with Regal. Look forward to work on future projects."

Seetharam Maddali – AZ Software & Solutions Inc, USA

"I find the staff at Regal Printing to be very efficient and extremely professional. I have recommended the company to my friends and everyone agrees that the quality of the work is exceptional."

Hephzibah Publishing, UK

"I love your company and your work. You are the only book company I would ever deal with."

Thelma Ray Jons – Letters from Sweetheart, USA

"Was very satisfied with all aspects of production, customer service and finished product. Would highly recommend Regal to others. Thank you for all of your knowledge and help."

Herb Leonhard – Herb Leonhard Illustration, USA

"From quote to ship date, we couldn’t have been happier with Regal Printing. They produced a quality, cost-efficient book with an amazine turnaround time. Regal Printing’s professionalism and customer-service oriented approach made working with them a pleasure."

Brad Ross - New Horizon Press, USA

"Regal Printing is definitely one leading Printer in its industry. Consider its service, quality and flexibility; all top ranking in all aspect. It’s been a pleasure dealing with the knowledgeable staff as well as getting invaluable advice from the director: Fabulous service; fabulous people."

My Dream Publishing Ltd, HK

"Prompt, courteous, and professional with some of the most amazing color printing I’ve seen in years. If I had a problem or a question, no matter how small, Regal had an answer; and I ended up with one of my best looking books yet."

Cyberocia Publishing, USA

"It has been a pleasure dealing with Regal Printing Ltd. Its staff are very professional, friendly and easy to work with. The quality of my finished book is supreme and they are delivered expeditiously. I would highly recommend them to anyone else that is interested in receiving a top quality product!"

Ancient World, USA

"After dealing with printers for over 20 years, I admit to be very nervous and reluctant about printing overseas. Regal Printing really earned my trust and respect and I would recommend them highly to anyone. Their quality, speed and professionalism exceeded all expectations."

D W Publishing, USA

"Higly recommend your company to others with printing needs. Most pleased and satisfied with the service, attention to detail, promptness and most of all your efficiency and positive cooperative attitude."

Sage Brush Exchange, USA

"This is my second book to be printed by Regal and I am very pleased with service and quality. Your staff has been very helpful and responsive in dealing with all facets of production."

Ranch Photography, USA

"Regal Printing offers an excellent service at a competitive price. They are friendly, approachable and helpful and undertake their work to a high professional standard."

Anglo-Arabic Graphics Ltd, UK

"I am very happy with the work that you have done and with the quality of your assistance throughout this process. The book is beautiful, and everyone who has seen it is very impressed. I want particularly to thank you for your patience and cheerful guidance. Surely the printing and binding is exquisite, I could not have wished for better job in that regard."

Mea McNeil, USA

"I am immensely impressed with the work of Regal Printing from start to finish: the speedy quote in response to initial query, the efficient handling of communications by staff of Regal Printing, the overseeing of color proofing and speedy transmission of proofs and overseeing of entire job up to the ultimate shipping of books was excellent. The color quality of the reproductions of my painting is excellent. I am very happy with the work of Regal Printing."

Lisa Esherick, USA

"The whole process was handled superbly. It’s the first time I’ve done business across the world and it couldn’t have been smoother and more professional. As well as the product being excellent, the value was great and you were wonderful about always keeping me up to date. I’ve recommended Regal to lots of people here in the UK."

Metal Health Media, UK

"Regal Printing has left other printing companies in Asia behind with professional advice, quick turnaround times, excellent customer service, quality output meeting international standards and cost-efficient pricing. A well-managed company with dedicated staff."

R Bresler – Book of Dreams, Verlag, Germany

"Seldom does a company deliver more than what you expect, which is what Regal Printing has done. They were amazing and the quality and service were unimaginable. While the first shipment was unloaded, the delivery company offhandedly commented," These are really nicely packaged". Everything detail was precise and professional. It is with enthusiasm that I recommend their services."

Robert Morris – Ursu Publications, IL, USA

"We were very happy with all aspects of the service and product and will most certainly use Regal again for our printing needs."

Sport4Kinds, Australia

"They produce high quality works with a strong emphasis on customer service. Rarely do you get fast turn around, high quality and a great price. I received all of these from Regal. When I checked Regal Printing’s references when I was researching printers they were all so positive, I now know why….."

Kim Likins – Island Friends, LLC, USA

"I highly recommend Regal Printing Ltd. I researched several printers before choosing Regal Printing. They were not the most expensive, nor were they the cheapest. They were just the most detailed and comprehensive company that I contacted."

Steven Kennedy – Golden Cat Publishing, USA

"I was very pleased of how fast and precise your work was process and delivered. Distance was not a problem at all and the quality of your work and professionalism is second to none."

Jose Fraguas – CFW Enterprises